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Balazs Erdos doing group therapy

About me

Family system therapist, mental hygienist expert, yoga teacher (adults & kids), body oriented therapy

I was trained as a mental hygienist expert at Semmelweis University in Budapest and as family system therapist. Working with clients my philosophy is strongly based on structural approach. It means that every member of the family matters. When I work with an individual, couples or family my first aim is to improve or many times just evoke a dialogue of family members and resolve the conflicts which behind the scene poison their life.

Usually I start my session to seek first basic information about every member of the family including grandparents or great - grandparents and followed by constructing a so called genogram. In order to understand how a family is functioning I must listen openly with full heart to each story of the family members. As a therapist I must give a chance for them to explain theirs hurts, views, fears, deeper motivational and behaviour factors to understand the root cause and start to rebuild the wounded attachments. I work not only with adults but teenagers and younglings too.

In my work I have experienced that body and soul go hand in hand. When the body is tensing it is firm law that soul is tensing to. In our present life most of us are living in constant stress which automatically call forth tensions in our body. Usually we first meet this as a muscle tensing caused by our brain system. Because of stress our nerve system is danger full time being in the flight-fight-fright mode: when facing a life-threatening situation our bodily functions, including muscles, hormones, digestion, and reflexes, can shift into a highly reactive state. This abnormal long highly reactive response could create pain and later illness in the body.

I work with several different techniques that can be adapted to the personal needs from monodrama, family constellations, astrology. I am in training in psychodrama and body oriented therapy (Integrative Core Dynamics).

Beside my therapeutic work I am licensed yoga teacher working with adults and younglings age from 3-4 years old.

I do occasionally mediations and OM Healings for free of charge.

Here are some video interviews in English made by me to the ICCT2021 -  Conference

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1134.Budapest, Lehel utca 14.

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